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A Brief History

In 1989 CNC Innovations pioneered PC to CNC communications with the introduction of its Easytalk™ software. Easytalk was the first DNC product available on a laptop PC that could communicate with both serial and tape reader CNC machines. Easytalk provided a user-friendly and intuitive approach to editing and loading NC programs, far surpassing the capabilities of mini-file boxes that were then available. Easytalk is still widely used throughout the world today.

Easytalk evolved into Easytalk MultiTask which then inspired our Windows based Focal*Point™ DNC. Focal*Point quickly became an industry standard for managed DNC communications. It was the first DNC solution to offer an NC program Library and Parts database to manage and track program revisions and attachments. These features soon became the standard for ensuring ISO compliance during NC program distribution. Additionally, we also developed the well-known DOS based, Microset ToolSet Manager and Campanion (MCED), a windows NC editor that later became a component of the popular MasterCam™ CAD/CAM program.

In 2000 CNC Innovations was absorbed into the fabric of it’s parent company CNC Engineering, Inc. of Enfield, CT. For the next 6 years CNC Engineering continued to provide both Easytalk and Focal*Point DNC while also developing new software applications such as Tool*Edge, Doc*Control, our Windows™ GForce NC file editor, Manufacturing Event Monitoring, In-Process Part Acceptance, as well as, Scripted Assembly and Inspection Processing, and CNC Infrastructure Support Services, all of them, the best shop-floor software and solutions available.

In the fall of 2006 CNC Innovations again emerged as a separate company in an effort to focus it’s energies on product enhancements, customer support, and innovative new products. With a renewed commitment and dedication to unsurpassed customer support, CNC Innovations is now headquartered in Auburn, Massachusetts, which serves as a central location for the New England service area. Looking forward, CNC Innovations, and its trusted third-party vendors  continue with their tradition of strong ties and work together to bring you a wide variety of software and controls-based solutions for the manufacturing industry.