Focal Point DNC Trial Download

Version 5.5.7 bld. 102220

The free trial of Focal*Point DNC is fully functional for 10 days. Be sure to review the licensing “Installation Notes” after running the setup program. Configure your system during the trial period and call CNC Innovations at (508) 532-1763 when you are ready to purchase. All trial configuration information is automatically kept in your full license version.

Customers enrolled in the Focal*Point support program may request a full license free of charge.

Please note that first time installations should be performed using a PC Administrator account.  When installing on Windows 7 and above right-click the setup program and select “Run as Administrator”.  After successful installation and before running Focal*Point for the first time, it is best to right-click the Focal*Point run-time icon and set the program to run as Administrator in order to successfully complete program licensing.  Additional information about Windows 7 and above is contained in Focal*Point’s help program. Be sure to download the Quick Start Guide and PC UAC Security Guides listed below.

For current installations running version 4.10.0 or greater, you can download the smaller “Upgrade” only file.

For more information call (508) 523-1763.

For program details see the Version Features and Features-at-a-Glance pages.

Executable File
Focal*Point Installation Program -- 20.3 MB
Zipped Files
Focal*Point Install Zip Package -- 20.2 MB

Focal*Point Quick Start Guide -- 134.6 KB Windows and UAC Security -- 299.7 KB