Focal Point DNC Software Upgrade

Version 5.1.0  bld. 21314

From all of us at CNC Innovations, we want to thank you for using Focal*Point DNC. We hope you will enjoy our latest program features. Please note that the web-based upgrade program is password protected. Please contact CNC Innovations at (508) 523-1763 or e-mail for an installation password.

For your protection, the the setup program will automatically backup your existing program files. User modified database files will never be overwritten when using the “Upgrade Only”  installation  program. For details see Upgrade Instructions.
If this is a first-time installation or your current version is prior to v 4.10.0, please download the “Full” installation.

Please Note: If you are upgrading from version 4.10 – 4.13, you will be required to enter of a simple 4-digit license upgrade code within the first 30 days. This code is provided by calling (508) 523-1763.


Upgrade Highlights:


  • Fully Expandable Forms – Fully sizable forms with adjustable grid widths for custom desktop and maximized screen views.  Includes option for font sizing when grid sizes are changed.
  • Database Maintenance Automate database maintenance with the updated DBOptimizer that now accepts command line arguments for use with the Windows Task Scheduler — includes history log.
  • View MenuNew View menu provides instant access to all log and history reports.
  • Active Session FTPView FTP active users showing both IP address and user name.
  • Custom ViewsRUpdated fonts for improved Win 7 profiles. Resize display grids. Expand or contract sections to see only the information you want. Restore defaults for particular modules or for the entire program.
  • RFA Enhancements clearly indicate auto and manual file matching. Provides improved file matching in both left and right side panes. Provides more natural verification for revision overwrites.  Identify orphaned files from deleted DNC host PCs.
  • Technical NotesIncludes a general notes section for communications parameters. Permanently record idiosyncrasies of your COMM hardware and machine connections. Never again misplace system configuration records. Save specific wiring and parameter requirements. Keep a permanent record of hardware specific port assignments. This simple feature will save hours of research and experimentation when rebuilding or upgrading your DNC server.
  •  New and Improved ReportsThe DNC Library now includes a printable report for orphaned / missing NC program files. A second report is dedicated to archived NC program files, and the Communications Parameters report now includes entries listed as FTP and Timer Folder. Export reports to Word, Excel, CSV, RTF or text files.
  • NFS – Managed network file shares. Provides remote program request and optional port redirection.
  • New Fully managed FTP Server. Options for managed, restricted and unrestricted operation.
  • Program Management – Competely redesigned Library and RFA program Add Entry screens.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility – Includes expanded help for setup and operation with UAC options.
  • Completely Re-written Multi-User Management. Includes options to rename or replace an existing workstation.
  • DPRNTData Collection option for capturing DPRNT statements. Append time stamps to calculate cycle time.
  • New Keyboard shortcut keys for easier program navigation. Activated ESC key for fast exits from most forms.
  • Enhanced Auto Library Transfer features to delete and/or move specific files.



Our Download links are temporarily disabled.

Please call 508-523-1763 to arrange a Dropbox transfer.


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